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Hey! Here we've a fantastic article related to Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). For all those, who're not aware, UIDAI is the body which collects all your data, and the official website is about which we'll talk here for sure!
So, why am I writing this article? Just to let you know that how can you check uidai status online and also explain you a bit about this authority. So, if any help @ uidai is needed then don't hesitate in using contact us page!

What is UIDAI (Unique identification Authority of India)?

An Act was passed in 2016, called as "Aadhaar act 2016" which is apparently a money bill and aims to strengthens the Aadhar unique identification project. Now, what happens is, a body called as UIDAI is under the ministry of electronics and information technology, collects information about each and every individual of India and associate it with an Aadhaar number. They take all your details ranging from Fingerprints to Iris scan.
Not only UIDAI.GOV.IN collects individuals' information but it ensures that it'll be saved and won't be misused and the security will be maintained.
This is all you need to know about unique identification authority, now we can proceed with uidai card status.


Just to let you know, uidai card is a fancy name for aadhar card status about which I've already written a detailed article with illustrations. However, if you still want me to repeat then below I'll mention exact steps which I follow to obtain the card for any of my relatives.
  1. Click on the Red Button below.
  2. You'll be taken to a page where three fields will be shown.
  3. Enter your Enrolment number in the first one.
  4. Date and Time in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss format.
  5. Enter the security code.
  6. Click on Check status.

The status of your uidai card will be displayed, if it is made then you can follow my exact guide on how to download eaadhaar card and attain a soft copy even before it reaches your door step.
However, if the card isn't yet made then you may wait for some time or you may call aadhar card enquiry and confirm about your application being submitted perfectly. - What is it?

You can visit the FAQ page of official website for solving general queries, however for more specific doubts you may comment below and I'll surely try to answer. If you still require more "help" then shoot me a mail via contact us page.
Thank you for reading! Do Share!
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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Aadhar card Enquiry Phone Number ( (Status)

Hey! In this post we'll discuss how can one enquiry about aadhaar card. After demonetization, the demand has gone up tremendously and people are scratching their head for receiving adhar card. Therefore, in this article you can find aadhar card enquiry phone number where you can call and officials will answer you. The call to aadhaar helpline can be regarding anything related to your uidai card.

Aadhar card Enquiry Phone Number

aadhar card enquiry

Aadhar Card Customer Care Email ID: Card Customer Care Phone Number (available 24x7) - 1800-300-1947 

You can contact them for issue related to aadhaar card status or update aadhar status. However, all these things can be done online by following our simple guides.


You can even send a mail to authorities on the following address regarding you application or certain forms which needs to be provided:

Aadhar Card Office Mailing Address - PO Box - 1947, GPO Bangalore - 560001


Here we didn't add any fluff content, just direct point-to-point content which helped you enquire for aadhar card. If you've any problems or complaints then comment below and I'll try to help you as soon as possible.
Thank you.
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Monday, 6 March 2017

Aadhar card Update and Correction | Check Aadhar update status

The Aadhar Card is a single document that can be presented as proof of ID or address, validated by the Government of India. It contains an individual’s personal information including retina and fingerprint scans. In this article we'll be sharing that you can update your records in your aadhar card, such as Aadhaar card address change, mobile number update, Name update, etc. 
It is common that while processing millions of aadhar cards, mistakes are made in some of them hence adhar card correction is required, therefore, UIDAI has provided a method by which anyone can update their aadhaar card by sitting at home easily online. If you've not received your  card then first make sure it is made by checking aadhar status.

How to update aadhaar card details online

update aadhar card

  1. Visit SSUP (Self Service Aadhar portal) for updating aadhar card.
  2. Click here to visit SSUP.
  3. Enter your aadhar number , captcha and click on get OTP.
  4. Then the following options will appear
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Address
    • Mobile Number
  5. Tick mark the ones you want to update.
  6. Correct Your Name / Address / Mobile Number, Be sure to check your local language too. Click for Next option.
  7. Now upload required documents for correction. (Can be passport, driving license, etc.)
  8. Note down your Update request number (URN) to check the UID/Aadhar correction.

How to check Aadhar update status:

You can check the status of your aadhar card correction by the following steps:
  1. Have your URN (Update request number) and aadhar number ready.
  2. Go to :
  3. Enter your aadhar number.
  4. Enter your URN.
  5. Solve Captcha
  6. Click on Get status.
The status of your update request will be shown!


If you're facing some issues or problems then you can contact us via comments or contact us page and we'll make sure that your query is solved. If your aadhar update request has been completed then you can download your eaadhar and use it before the hardcopy reaches your doorstep

Thank you!
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Sunday, 26 February 2017

E-Aadhar Card Download by Aadhaar/Enrolment No. (

Hello, Probably you checked your aadhaar card status and it made you realise that your aadhar card has been generated but not yet delivered to your doorstep. In such a situation, you can download the aadhar card online or eaadhar as they call it. For this purpose, we'll be describing two methods among which you may choose any depending on the availability at your side.

  • How to: aadhar card download with enrolment number.
  • How to download aadhaar card with aadhar number.

How to download Aadhar card with Enrolment/Aadhar no.:

Download Aadhar card

You may follow the steps mentioned below in order to gain access to your uidai card.
  1. Go to the official website of UIDAI authority by click the button below.
  2. Select "Enrolment Number or Aadhaar" on the first line where it says "I have". Depending on what will you use in the further steps.
  3. After that in the first field, enter your Aadhaar Number (12 digits) or your 14 digit Enrolment number including date and time.
    • Format of Aadhar number is: xxxx/xxxx/xxxx where x is any digit.
    • Format of Enrolment Number is: xxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx where x is any digit.
  4. Now, enter all your details: Name, Pin code, Mobile Number.
  5. Solve the captcha (Words in the image).
  6. Click on GET OTP.
  7. Enter the OTP received on the mentioned mobile number in the next field.
  8. And finally click on Validate & download .

Note: The E-aadhar card which will be downloaded in pdf format will have password protection. The password for your file is the pin code which you entered, Eg. For me it is 110003. You need adobe reader or any other similar software to open pdf files.


If you've successfully generated your aadhaar card and downloaded it then congratulations! However, if you're facing any issues or problems then you can message me by using contact us page or drop a comment below and I'll surely take a look and try to reply as soon as possible.
Keep check our aadhar portal for more such guides.
Thank you!

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Aadhar Card Status by Name/Enrolment No. | Aadhar Portal

Hey! This is our very first guide on this blog and we'll be telling you that can you check aadhar card status easily. All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions provided below and we'll be good to go.

What is Aadhar card? 

aadhar card

Aadhar card is very similar to Social Security Number (SSN) in USA. It is used to identify all the citizens of India  and can be extremely useful while formulating policies. As the government will be aware of their citizens and will be able to cater to their needs in a better manner. If you haven't applied for an Aadhar card then you may follow the procedure here for aadhar card application submission.

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